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About Baby Helmet Bling by Davet Designs

Bridget Davet and Jean-Luc Davet

Davet Designs is a family owned, full service graphic design company. We are located in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area, just south of Arlington in Mansfield, Texas.

In May 2012, we were blessed with a beautiful little boy, named Jean-Luc Davet. At 2 months old we noticed that our little man liked to turn his head to one side more than the other when laying down and quickly developed a "flat" spot on the back of one side of his head. We started cranial sacral therapy for his developing "flat head" (the medical term is Plagiocephaly) and Torticollis (tight neck muscle). At 4 months old we were advised he would have to wear a baby helmet to help further round out his head as he grows. Like many other parents, we were sadden by the fact that our precious little one would have to wear a medical helmet 23 hours a day for a length of time. We started researching right away everything about the helmets and bands. Instead of sad babies, we saw pictures of cute little angels with their decorated helmets. We then researched how to decorate his DOC Band. One of the options was to purchase vinyl decals from the internet or your local vinyl shop. BINGO... I AM the local vinyl shop! I've been the in the printing industry for all of my graphic design career and I now specialize in cut and printed vinyl. Boom - Baby Helmet Bling was born. I have expanded my designs to include decals for the baby helmet and bands.

In December 2014 my second son, then 12.5 months old received a Doc band as well. Unlike my first son, his mild Plagiocephaly was cause inutero. Though mild, we made the decision to have him fitted for a band to correct his as well. Thank God for technology that helps our little ones.

Check out my Baby Helmet Project and see how you can help a child in need receive a helmet.

Davet Designs provides custom graphic design, promotional items, stickers, vinyl lettering, vinyl decals, card/invites, crafts and more! I pride ourselves on fast, friendly service. I use only the highest quality materials and equipment.

Founded by designer, Bridget Davet, Davet Designs has been servicing happy customers since 1997.