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Welcome to Baby Helmet Bling!

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Vinyl Decals

Make wearing a cranial remolding helmet or band a fashion statement. These fun and durable vinyl stickers are the perfect accessory to your child's helmet or cranial band. Not limited to cranial bands and helmets, these stickers can be used for bike helmets, athletic helmets or just to label your child's belongings. I have many designs to choose from and I'm always adding more. I cannot take custom orders at this time, but any of my designs can be changed out to any color vinyl that I offer.

Name Decals for Baby Helmets

Onesie and Tees for Babies and Adults

I offer onesies, toddler tees, kids t-shirts and adult t-shirts in support of Plagiocephaly, Brachycephaly, Torticollis and any other reason your child might have to wear a cranial band or helmet. Most people do not understand why your little one is wearing their helmet and often stare. Break the ice and make light of the helmet or band with fun onesies and tees. Browse my Onesie/Tees section and my Adult T-shirt section.

Custom Printed Onesies or Toddler Tees