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The Baby Helmet Project

Pay it forward

Jean-Luc Davet

In May 2012, we were blessed with a beautiful little boy, named Jean-Luc Davet. At 2 months old we noticed that our little man liked to turn his head to one side more than the other when laying down and quickly developed a "flat" spot on the back of one side of his head. We started cranial sacral therapy for his developing "flat head" (the medical term is Plagiocephaly) and Torticollis (tight neck muscle). At 4 months old we were advised he would have to wear a baby helmet to help further round out his head as he grows for a period of time.

We are blessed that we have insurance and it covers the cranial band. We only have to pay a small percent/ co-pay. If we didn't have insurance or if it had not covered the band, we still have the means to come up with the $3800 (it would certainly hurt our finances, but we could come up with the money). There are many families who don't have insurance or who's insurance does not cover this. Our son's head is not that bad in the grand scheme of things, but some babies are seriously deformed and the band is the only way to fix it. Medicaid has stopped paying for the bands altogether.

The Davet family has started the "Baby Helmet Project" to help purchase bands for those who cannot. We are working with the band/helmet companies to make the money go as far as it can. 10% of all profits will go toward the Baby Helmet Project.

Please feel free to click the donate button and give any amount you'd like toward the Baby Helmet Project. In the near future, we will be adding other items such as calendars and digital cookbooks, where 100% of the profits will benefit the Baby Helmet Project.